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Let your Wash & Go Dry First

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That’s the best day to describe today. For my non-curlies, a wash & go is a natural hairstyle in which you allow your hair to show its natural curl pattern. It usually takes a long time to dry because the hair is in its natural state. That’s my preferred hairstyle – a little frazzled and a whole lot of body. Just like me…

What I mean by letting your wash & go dry first is, don’t be so worried about getting to a certain level of success that you don’t enjoy yourself or fool around and find yourself unprepared. You need to constantly reflect on where you are. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself in a business suit, talking to a company recruiter with droplets of water dripping off your curls.

No, this didn’t apply to me. I literally let my wash & go dry before I left the hotel this morning, but I did notice a lot of people who weren’t mentally prepared for conference today.

Only the other side of it, many people are so anxious for someone, ANYONE to hire them that they don’t even care about passion. They just care to not be broke. Trust me, I’m passionate about not being broke too! But I also have a standard for myself that I will stand strong to. I will do something that I love or I’ll find something new. It’s simple.

So my advice to you all out there is: believe in yourself, enjoy yourself, and sweetheart, PLEASE let that wash & go dry first!

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