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Early Mornings

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I didn’t pack until 4am this morning. How could I? I’ve been running nonstop these past few weeks. When I finally got time this weekend to prepare for conference, I was buying new clothes. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, fit.

Well I get to the airport at the last minute, but I’ll be fine. I’ve flew so many times, I know exactly how late I can be without missing the flight. As I walk to the little prop plane, I look up at the cloudy sky and wonder, how many times more will this happen? How many more early morning flights and getting lost in convention centers and long lines of registrations and preparing for poster presentations? For someone not pursuing their PhD, the idea of going to two or three conferences every year for their entire working life seems ridiculous. For a researcher, this is normal.

This is my “late night, early mornings” vibe. Socials until after midnight and conference regional meetings bright and early at 9 o’clock. It’s exhausting but always worth it. As I wait for this little rocky prop plane to get off the ground, I have to remind myself how blessed I am to have THIS type of stress in my life.

So many people have never even flown in a plane, and I’m over here annoyed at the check-in guy side eye’ing me for getting to the airport 15 minutes before they started boarding. I’m annoyed about getting pretzels rather than the Briscoff cookie.

I’m not just “too blessed to be stressed”, I’m also blessed to be stressed over little things.

Happy Travel Day!

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