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Why blog?

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I used to write for fun. Then I became an engineering student. The same goes for reading.

When I was young, I would read books, and write stories and poetry. Then I got older, and people constantly commended me on my math skills and how my logic would take me far. And so, I graduated high school and enrolled in an engineering degree program.  I stopped reading and writing and drawing and painting. My only creative release was first-semester Technical Report Writing class. Yea….

Time passed and junior year of college, a fellow chapter officer in one of my collegiate organizations gave a talk. As usual, he gave a stirring speech about the importance of academics. But this talk was different. My friend and fellow officer charged us with reading. This engineering graduate student had set for himself a goal of reading 12 books year. With a room full of undergraduate engineering students neck deep in coursework and little to no social lives, we awed, oohed and oogled and how he could possibly set such a goal for himself.

Then he challenged us to read 6 books each year. I have made that goal almost every year since.

With that being said, graduate school is a whole other animal. I read all the time now, but it’s not books. It’s papers…and more papers. I forget what I’ve read if I don’t have a journal of notes and a post-reading full discussion of the topic.

Which brings us to the purpose of this blog. My mama always told me, you never truly know something until you’re able to turn around and explain it to someone else. I decided to continue reading, but also write about my perspective on life, love and society. This blog is an experiment of an engineer writing on things that may or may not be related to engineering. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and my unbridled quirkiness.

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